Car Polish Superior

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This polish is designed for speed and efficiency. Removes light to moderate swirl marks, scratches, and imperfections from the paint. Leaves a glossy layer of protection in the form of carnauba wax and polymers. Fully VOC compliant and easy to handle. Can be applied via hand or machine.

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Product Description

What makes our Car Polish Superior Polish different than traditional polishes?

When we set out to make this product we had two goals in mind: make it safer than traditional products while also offering the performance that professionals demand. This was no easy task. You see, traditional paint polishes rely on high levels (20% – 30%) of heavy solvents to assist in “wetting” and cleaning the surface while ensuring the ingredients are evenly distributed across the surface. While these products offer good performance they pose much greater health and environmental risks. Our goal was therefore to find the safest solvent available which did not compromise performance.

After much trial and error we eventually selected a solvent which has the least impact on human/environmental health while also offering excellent performance characteristics. Due to its low toxicity, VOC exemption, and level of biodegradability we felt it offered us the best compromise for this type of product. We also found that we can use a much lower level of this ingredient (5%) to get the same great results consumers expect. As always, our goal is to be as transparent as possible which is why we are choosing to disclose and fully address our decision to incorporate this ingredient. Ultimately as new raw materials continue to present themselves on the market we hope to one day eliminate this ingredient completely from our formulation.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE to traditional car care, automotive and boat care products. With the highest quality ingredients on the market we guarantee an amazing result! See the difference! Made in the USA.

GET YOUR CAR CLEANER AND THE WORLD GREENER. With the purest naturalbio-based ingredients – such as plant-based surfactants and vegetable glycerine -free of harsh solvents, alcohols or VOCs – the clean result as well as protection and shine will be outstanding. Did we mention that our box, bottle and cap are 100% recyclable..? Choose our products for the sake of your vehicle, your heritage and the world!

EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE. Our Car Polish Superior is extremely easy to use, it is simple and give you a better result compared to a lot of the traditional car polishes.

IMPROVED SUN SAFE FORMULA. We have developed a new maximum UV sun safe formula that you will love. On top of that we have the highest exterior body protection amongst detailing car care products.

BONUS AND 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Click Add To Cart now and receive a Car Care Guide (E-book) with tutorials, tips and inspiration. We strive for 100% satisfied customers and have a 100% lifetime money back
guarantee. Try us without any risks!


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